Long time no see, long time no post. But who gives a damn.
A lot of works, lot of drawing exercises, lot of pigments. A lot of a lot of stuff. I was in a big and black and stinking damn hole that absorbed my vital energy, my creativity in a certain way. So I asked to myself “what do you wanna do with your life”? And the answer arrived. I wanna make art.
So i make a backward step and turn my energy to the real painting, to the real drawing, to the real sculpting. Not Intuos, or zbrush, or things like that. Not at all. So now I’m happy, I’m happy to prepare egg emulsion for the original “tempera”. Now I’m happy to drawing strange people when I’m in train going home. I’m happy to (re)find my muse. Yeah. What I had not… And I tried and tried to make good things, but my results were always disappointing to me, so I asked to myself what I really needed. Now I’m into a beautiful but tough road to find my muses, to find myself. Again and again.
And so what? you’re probably wondering.. So I’m tring to make a sculptural cycle with a single underlying theme, and the Oni it’s only the first sculpture. It’s still a wip, you know, but I hope to finish really soon. Cya.

Zbrush for the basic mesh, retopology with Topogun, details and texturing made in Zbrush, rendering in Maya with Mental Ray.

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Often, we start to do things with the awareness that they are not going anywhere. This is happening to me right now as I write this post, which probably will have no meaning. Some other times, you are sure that what you are doing, will shake the mind of someone, maybe someone you consider a leader in your field. Well,when I started this model , I did not examine any of the two options. I’ve only said to myself: do it. I worked to  finish this model, nothing more. Let’s say it was a challenge to myself. And I did the third.


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I hope to post soon as possibile some real time experiment in Shiva 3D-Engine and UDK.

Time to scuplt, time to relax.

Posted: October 18, 2010 in Personal Works

No, everything does not always go well, especially in Italy and especially when you’re young. And I refer not only about work. But I think that everyone should have the strength to go forward, to find a place in our mind where we take shelter from the storm that breaks out in full force, where we aren’t helpless. I found mine, not so long ago. You will not believe this, but Maya and Zbrush helped me a lot. In this dark period, for living and go on, I did various jobs, none of which gave me satisfaction, never earn much. Even now I do not earn much, but at least I like what I do.
This model, which now I post, I did in relax moment, trying at the same time to improve and learn more.
And I can say it was my very first complicated and detailed model.
I hope you enjoy it. And maybe that will help you to relax.

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A Zbrush’s turnable.

Another post, other works. Here i post much of the material produced for a personal project: “Master Of Puppez”,  a very old school shooter. I did all the art direction, sketches and drawings, many of the characters and lots of textures.
Maya, Photoshop and many game engines. Shiva seems to be the definitive 3D engine (http://www.stonetrip.com/).
C & C are welcome 🙂

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Frist Post. Nosense. Maybe.

Posted: October 13, 2010 in Works

Hi to everyone!
This blog was created with the idea of collecting all the material I produced in recent years of work. So, first thing I would like to introduce myself.
Salvatore Fiore, an aspiring character artist who would like to work in the entertainment industry (especially games) and has a healthy and strong passion for his work. I think the rest of you do not care too much:)
In fact, perhaps, will post something more personal, maybe that does not relate to my own work, but who knows, I’ve never had a blog and maybe this will turn into something more interesting and varied.
I’m Italian and I don’t know if translate everything in my language too… for now, it’s fine in English, which also is a language that I love: D
Ah, you’re probably wondering why “strictly forbidden”: there isn’t a specific reason, probably because I like the sound of these two words together. And because I read very often in the train, around Italy.
What is left to say? Probably nothing, I prefer to do my works speak for me, I’m not a poet 😉 So…let’s get started!

These are works made for the Rev Pix (http://www.pixrev.com/). I participated in the “I’m Not Alone” project  as a Main Character Artist and Main Texture Artist (chara and enviroment).
For the main character, I started with sketches made by me, and then I modeled a low poly in Maya 2008, I sculpted in Zbrush 3.1, and I textured in Photoshop CS3. I used also Roadkill, which is an excellent program for uv. I want to say it was a sort of “baptism” for me, because it was my first next gen character which would end in a commercial project: I must admit that I was really happy about that!
But enough talk, here are some of the work done for the game “I’m Not Alone.” I hope you like them.

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