Once upon a time. But not really.

Posted: March 9, 2013 in Personal Works

Long time no see, long time no post. But who gives a damn.
A lot of works, lot of drawing exercises, lot of pigments. A lot of a lot of stuff. I was in a big and black and stinking damn hole that absorbed my vital energy, my creativity in a certain way. So I asked to myself “what do you wanna do with your life”? And the answer arrived. I wanna make art.
So i make a backward step and turn my energy to the real painting, to the real drawing, to the real sculpting. Not Intuos, or zbrush, or things like that. Not at all. So now I’m happy, I’m happy to prepare egg emulsion for the original “tempera”. Now I’m happy to drawing strange people when I’m in train going home. I’m happy to (re)find my muse. Yeah. What I had not… And I tried and tried to make good things, but my results were always disappointing to me, so I asked to myself what I really needed. Now I’m into a beautiful but tough road to find my muses, to find myself. Again and again.
And so what? you’re probably wondering.. So I’m tring to make a sculptural cycle with a single underlying theme, and the Oni it’s only the first sculpture. It’s still a wip, you know, but I hope to finish really soon. Cya.

Zbrush for the basic mesh, retopology with Topogun, details and texturing made in Zbrush, rendering in Maya with Mental Ray.

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