Who I am. Who I’m supposed to be

Good question. Much has been written in the first post, so I really do not know what to write.
Well, I love art in general, comics, manga, anime and videogames.
Caravaggio and Goya are my virtual mentors.
I love Rock music in all its facets. I love too many artists bands to list. But…Hard & Hevy for life.
For the literature, I’m more selective, I usually read horror classics. Poe and Lovecraft above all.
Some comic book artist? Frank Cho, Joe Quesada, J. Scott Campbell, Mike Mignola. Mangaka? Shotaro Ishinomori, OsamuTetsuka, Skigeru Mizuki, Go Nagai.
My absolute favorite game is Okami, but others that I love are Disgaea, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Shenmue, Metal Gear Solid, Halo saga, all the old SNK productions. Yes, I’m a fucking NeoGeo’s fanboy .

My daily goal?  Become a better artist. My dream? Do my job. And, perhaps, be able to travel through time.

For the rest, who gives a fuck.

  1. j says:

    hi, how did you go about working on I’m Not Alone? what I mean is how did you land the job?
    I played the game and enjoyed it, it had that old school horror vibe to it,

    i’m a game artist myself but find it hard landing a job in the industry,

    heres my portfolio,

    do you know if the people behind i’m not alone are working on any other games? and if so are they looking for artists,

    I’m just looking for some advise from one artist from to another,


    • NeoGeoAes says:

      The story behind the develop of INA is very articulate… and strange 🙂 In a few words, INA was born from a personal project of the lead programmer Fabio Di Paola, that at the time was an indipendent developer. Fabio made also the entire engine behind the game, S2 Engine. I was into another indipendent game crew, and we were developing an old school shoot em up for pc and other platform. Then, we were all engaged from another company that wanted to continue with INA.
      Workin’ on the characters and enviroment of INA was funny, tough and frustrating at the same time, ‘couse was the our first big title for a big pubblisher. Now I really don’t know if the company that produced INA is still alive or if the people that workin at time at the title are in the industry yet. Now I work as a freelance for many company around the world and I’m workin as a lead 3D artist for another horror game that are way better then INA and remind me Eternal Darkness a lot!

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