Updated Portfolio

Hi there, i’m a Character Artist who has worked with Italian and foreign companies as a freelance.

After graduating with 95/100 at the Art Institute here in Italy, having a passion for gaming, I decided to attend the course in Computer Graphics at the “Accademia Italiana Videogiochi” (http://www.aiv01.it). My career as a CG artist in Italian companies began when I was 20 years old;  A few years later I decided to become freelance and not tie myself to any company in particular. I now work for foreign companies as Character Artist, especially in the videogame industry. I’ve worked also for Pix Rev as main character artist and lead texture artist for “I’m not Alone” project, a survial horror wich came out in stores in 2010 february for Pc. I worked  to other important projects, like the movie “The arrival of Wang” the Manetti Bros., the acclaimed game for PlayStation 3 “Papo & Yo” as a monster artist, the Nintendo 3Ds “Gem Smashers” for Frame Studios as a 3D artist.

The softwares whic I currently use are: Maya 2012, Zbrush 4, Photoshop Cs3. In addition to those main softwares, i use a combination of Topogun and dRaster NEX for Maya for the in-game low poly models. For the UV unwrap process i use RoadKill and the Maya’s internal uv tools. For the baking process, usually, use xNormal for the organic mesh and the Maya’s Transfer Map for the hard surface; for the normal maps’s details and corrections, i use several Phoshop plug-ins like the famous nVidia plug-in or NDO.

Here some works

.3D/Sculpt/Low Poly

*Latest WIPs*

Portrait of an Old Oni

18_pose 14 MAYA7 maya24


09 wip08 retopo_1


Papo & Yo® Monster

ren_20  all1  wire  colo_side

Rick Sommer from “Prison of forgotten children” Project

     screenshot1  screenshot4 

Jhon Elaku from “Prison of forgotten children” Project


Agnese dei Bellini from “The Sin” Project

9 15 18

Patrick Weber from “I’m Not Alone”



World of Warcraft Tauren



Sham Universe Official Contest” on Charactersforum.com





Personal interpretation of Marvel villain “Carnage”


Undefined Chacacter


Random Stuff

.2D/Character Design/



doodle_04     fauno1 copy      spider






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