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Another post, other works. Here i post much of the material produced for a personal project: “Master Of Puppez”,  a very old school shooter. I did all the art direction, sketches and drawings, many of the characters and lots of textures.
Maya, Photoshop and many game engines. Shiva seems to be the definitive 3D engine (
C & C are welcome 🙂

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Frist Post. Nosense. Maybe.

Posted: October 13, 2010 in Works

Hi to everyone!
This blog was created with the idea of collecting all the material I produced in recent years of work. So, first thing I would like to introduce myself.
Salvatore Fiore, an aspiring character artist who would like to work in the entertainment industry (especially games) and has a healthy and strong passion for his work. I think the rest of you do not care too much:)
In fact, perhaps, will post something more personal, maybe that does not relate to my own work, but who knows, I’ve never had a blog and maybe this will turn into something more interesting and varied.
I’m Italian and I don’t know if translate everything in my language too… for now, it’s fine in English, which also is a language that I love: D
Ah, you’re probably wondering why “strictly forbidden”: there isn’t a specific reason, probably because I like the sound of these two words together. And because I read very often in the train, around Italy.
What is left to say? Probably nothing, I prefer to do my works speak for me, I’m not a poet 😉 So…let’s get started!

These are works made for the Rev Pix ( I participated in the “I’m Not Alone” project  as a Main Character Artist and Main Texture Artist (chara and enviroment).
For the main character, I started with sketches made by me, and then I modeled a low poly in Maya 2008, I sculpted in Zbrush 3.1, and I textured in Photoshop CS3. I used also Roadkill, which is an excellent program for uv. I want to say it was a sort of “baptism” for me, because it was my first next gen character which would end in a commercial project: I must admit that I was really happy about that!
But enough talk, here are some of the work done for the game “I’m Not Alone.” I hope you like them.

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